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Luxury / October 7, 2011

Why Women Date Older Men

There are many theories around the topic of why women like dating older men. The main theory as to why a younger women dates an older guy is, because she is a gold digger. The second theory is that she is trying to replace a missing father figure.

One of the benefits to dating an older man is financial stability, this can not be argued. However, it is in most cases far from the first or main reason women do. Most women usually choose to date an older men and/or wealthy man for a sense of stability, supportand security. It is often believed that older men are better catches since they are more mature, more willing to settle down and less likely to play games. Older men also have more life experience. They tend to better conversationalist, more understanding, adaptable and even more patient. Older men are also said to be more attentive to their partners needs and desires.

Women who date older men are typically seeking commitment and a man who knows what he wants in life. It has been said for generations that women mature sooner or earlier in life then men do. So if this is true, why is it so hard to understand why a women would be attracted to an older man? In many situations women will seek older men simply because that is who they feel a true genuine connection too. The reason two people choose to be together should have nothing to do with age. If age is nothing more then a number, why is so much significance still put on a persons age today?

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