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Fashion / Wealthy Men / April 2, 2014

What Your Tie Color Says About You


Politicians have long known that their choice of tie conveys a certain subliminal message.  People who see them won’t consciously pick up on this, but it will make an impression, and promote a certain view that they wish to project. People react to color instinctively, even when they don’t understand its meaning. Once you know the rules of color, you can make sure that what your tie choice says about you is what you want it to say.

For men, you always want to select a tie that harmonizes with your shirt. No matter what the color, if there’s an unpleasant contrast it won’t make a good impression. Assuming you have a pleasing combination, here’s what the colors of your tie can convey. Every color has both its positive and negative attributes, and you can match them to the occasion and the impression you want to make.



 A red tie will convey a sense of power, strength, and energy. Wearing a red tie with a white shirt and dark jacket is a high-powered combination, and once you start noticing, you’ll see that this is a favorite of politicians and business leaders. Barack Obama favors this color tie when he wants to make a powerful and important statement, as do others.  Red grabs attention, and projects assertiveness and authority. On the negative side, the color red is also commonly associated with danger. It can appear aggressive or threatening, so for some occasions, a red tie may be too much.




 Blue is in many ways the opposite of red.  Instead of assertiveness and power, a blue tie promotes a feeling of calmness and dependability. When politicians and leaders want to foster a sense of credibility, reliability, and trust, they will often turn to a blue tie. Looking at a group of politicians, you’ll find a preponderance of blue and red ties, with each person choosing the color that promotes how they want to be perceived by voters. If you want to appear calm and trustworthy, blue is the perfect choice, but it does come with a negative. It can also make people see you as conservative, predictable, and cold.



Charcoal, black, and grey

Dark suits look solemn and portray authority and power. No wonder corporate executives are so fond of charcoal and black suits. Worn with a dark tie in charcoal, grey, or black, it presents a monochromatic look that is both sophisticated and stylish. On the positive side, these neutral colors can show wisdom and efficiency. On the negative side, they can look overly somber, and remind people of either funerals or gangsters.




 Yellow is a friendly color that shows openness and energy. When a politician is dealing with other politicians, he will usually opt for red or blue, but when he’s out meeting the people, a yellow tie may be a better choice. Yellow is a cheery, upbeat, and optimistic color, and will leave people feeling good about your friendly nature. It’s less aggressive than red, and it’s better for bonding with people. The downside of yellow is that it may appear impulsive, and less serious than red, blue, or grey.



Pink and Lilac

Men who work with women may find that pink and lilac ties work to their advantage.  Normally, these colors convey happiness, peace and thoughtfulness, but they seem to have an especially favorable influence on women. When you choose a tie in one of these colors, it sends a subtle message that you understand and respect women.


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