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Luxury / August 16, 2011

Toys for the Rich: The Zafiro Iridium Razor

You shave everyday before you head to the office, but how good is your razor? We’re sure you go with nothing less than a Gillette Fusion, because you only want the best. But what about a razor that is 1 of only 99 on the Earth and second to none? That would be the Zafiro Iridium razor pictured above. To start off with, the razor blades are made of pure sapphire, which is less than 100 atoms across and 5000 times thinner than a human hair. That makes for the closest shave money can buy. So close, razor burn will never, ever be an issue. But that isn’t even the most impressive part. We would have to say the 99.95% pure iridium handle, which is one of the rarest elements on Earth, is what really distinguishes the Zafiro Iridium razor. Oh, and did we mention that the screws used to hold it together are 99.95% pure platinum? So, what can you expect to pay for the Zafiro razor? How about a cool $100,000 USD?

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