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Luxury / September 15, 2011

Topics To Avoid When On A Date With A Wealthy Man

You are excited now because you are about to go on a date with a sexy, successful business man and you think that the hardest part was catching his eye and getting that date. Well you are wrong. Now you have to make sure that you survive the first date. You must impress him and grab his attention, but leave him wanting more of you. For the first date make sure that your appearance is up to par and that you show up with lots of confidence. There are some Topics To Avoid When On A Date With A Wealthy Man:

  • Dont talk about your ex-boyfriends. This topic is simply disrespectful to your date and he could care less what happened between you two. His main focus is getting to know you and seeing if there is some kind of future between you two. Never start a sentence with You remind me of [insert ex-boyfriends name] or Oh, I went there with [insert ex-boyfriends name].
  • Dont talk about your future together. This is really creepy and will it will push him away. You dont want to seem as if you are moving too fast and trying to already control the future. Stay away from talking about marriage and kids; if things go smooth between you two then these topics will come up naturally later on.
  • Dont ask him when he would like to meet your parents. Since it is still the first date he is trying to see if you both mesh well together. It might even be too soon to talk about introducing him to your friends. Just enjoy the time that you are spending with this man and everything else will fall into place.
  • Dont talk about how much you enjoy sex, what are your turn ons, and those crazy, semi blurry nights you had in college. This topic should definitely be avoided due to it might make you look easy and nasty in his eyes. He doesnt want to picture you with someone else doing the adult activity.

Remember; dont talk about anything negative, depressing, or a personal issue on the first date. The first date should be all positive and happy conversations. Make sure to bring a smile to his face and he will definitely be thinking about the next time he gets to see you. Be confident enough to know that the date went well enough that you dont even have to ask When will I see you again? Good Luck Ladies!

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