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Dating / Luxury / Recent Posts / Wealthy Men / February 27, 2014

Top 5 Ways to Tell He Will Spend Money On You

Women want to find a man who loves them, and is willing and able to take care of them. Part of this is physical and part is emotional, but spending money is definitely important here, too. Even though women today make more money than they did in the past, men still earn more in our society than women do. Men often have the financial ability to buy things that women cannot afford. It’s not always fair, but that’s the way it is and the allure of an arrangement with a wealthier man.


For all these reasons, women often want to know if a man will be willing to spend money on them. Especially after many dates full of luxurious promises. If you’re wondering where your man stands on this, here are some key questions to think about.


1.  Does he have money? It’s just common sense – if he doesn’t have any money, then he can’t spend it on you. A poor guy may be kind, loving, honest, and an all-around wonderful person, but you know that he can’t easily pay for things. Chances are that he’s not discussing his finances with you, but there will be other telltale signs. Dress isn’t always reliable, since some billionaires wear jeans, but what kind of car does he drive? Where does he live? Where is he taking you? Consider how well he is tipping the servers. He may try to impress you to keep up a façade but not worry about what others think.  Those are all giveaways.


2.  Does he find you attractive? It’s not all about your looks, but if he doesn’t find you attractive then there’s little chance that he’ll be spending money on you (unless you’re his mother). Make an effort to look nice when you’re around him. You don’t have to dress in designer couture, but if you want him to take you somewhere special, you will need to look the part. Do your hair and makeup, and put together your best look from your closet, even if your choices are limited.


3.  Does he see you as a lady? A man is going to spend more on a woman who seems classy and ladylike. A guy with big bucks isn’t going to spend them on someone who comes across as uneducated and uncouth regardless of how you look. If that were his plan he would date a cheap escort. If you want him to take you places then you need to display the right social skills. Use proper manners and behave appropriately for the situation and the people present. Keep it classy.


4.  Are you worth it? Do you see yourself as an intelligent, beautiful and capable woman?  When you have confidence in yourself, and see yourself as a worthwhile person, that becomes obvious to others, as well. If you tend to put yourself down, why would you expect him to think more highly of you than you do yourself? You can’t use pity to get a guy to spend money on you. While you may get a quick sympathy payment, that will be the end of that.  Instead, you have to be worth it – both in your mind and in his.


5.  What’s his track record? As soon as you go out with a guy the first time, you’re sure to get some hints. If he’s stingy with the tab on your initial date, then you can be sure he’s a tightwad who either doesn’t have money or doesn’t like spending it. If he’s a free spender when you first meet him, it’s a good sign – just watch where it goes from there.



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