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Luxury / August 30, 2011

Top 5 Things Women Say That Men Hate

Ok ladies its time to take some notes and erase some phrases out of your memory. I know you say these things with the best of intentions but they do nothing more then put up red flags for the men hearing them. Once they hear you utter these words, their defenses go up and a part of them shuts down. So if you really want your guy to hear you out with as little defense as possible refrain at all cost from the following five sayings.

Top 5 Things Women Say That Men Hate
1. We need to talk-Women tend to use this phrase when they have things on their mind that are bothering them. It could be something as simple as him forgetting to put the toilet seat down yet again to something as serious as a breakup. However, when men hear it all they hear is “you’re in trouble”.

2. I think you should know-When I man hears this phrase he will automatically think that you are about to give him bad news. It comes across as you’re about to make a confession and he’s bound to think the worse. Women however may not have those intentions but it wont matter he’ll be waiting for you to confess to cheating or doing something else wrong in your past.

3. Do you know what today is-This is usually the way a women hints that their man has forgotten an important date and usually an important gift as well. This is usually what she will utter once she’s become frustrated and annoyed leaving him to feel embarrassed and worthless. Ladies rather then wait till this point make comments days before as a reminder of the big day approaching, set an alarm in his phone or put a reminder on his calendar.

4. Give me five minutes – Women will say this when they need to talk about something “real quick” or when they are getting ready and finishing up the last important touches. However, men have come to learn that five minutes doesn’t actually mean five minutes. In fact it means as long as it takes her to get don e. Just by them hearing the phrase they know its a bad sign.

5. It’s not you it’s me – No matter how much she’ll insist that she means it it usually means the exact opposite. Nonetheless this is usually a women’s way of saying, ‘I’m not interested’ or ‘its over’. This one I’ll have to admit men have become famous for using as well and it means the same thing when a man says it as when a women does.

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