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Dating / December 3, 2012

Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Marry Her

Marriage is a very serious commitment and although there are tons of people who rush into it unfortunately most end in divorce. You have to make sure that the woman you are dating is the one and that her becoming your wife is the best decision you have ever made. Most people think that if you have love then everything is going to work out and that a marriage can be maintained solely by love. There are usually signs that let you know that the girlfriend you are involved with is not going to make the best wife and is definitely not marriage material. Here is the Top 5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Marry Her:

Reason #1: She’s Too Greedy

She knows that you have a huge bank account and if she is constantly asking for money that isn’t a good sign. She is most likely a gold digger and if you do decide to marry her make sure that you sign a prenup just in case she decides to divorce you after a year of marriage and takes half of what you have. As much as you need to protect your heart you need to protect your finances.

Reason #2: She Thinks She Does No Wrong

It is extremely unattractive trait when a woman or a man cannot admit when they are wrong. If a person makes a mistake then they should apologize and realize their wrong doing. If your girlfriend has to always be right and never admits to being wrong this is going to be unhealthy for a marriage.

Reason #3: She Wants You All To Herself

It’s great when your woman wants to spend time with you, but when does it become an issue? If she is keeping you awhile from your family and friends then this isn’t good. Just imagine how unwilling she is to hang out with your family and friends now and it is only going to get worst after marriage. She is going to feel like she owns you and that you have to do everything she says.

Reason #4: She Cheats On You

There are some cheaters who can actually change and become a better person, but that is if they are willing to do so and want to. If a woman cheats on you multiple times before you marry her then most likely she is going to cheat on your once you are married. Unfortunately, most cheaters will always be a cheater.

Reason #5: She’s Overly Jealous

Everyone is usually a little jealous in relationships, but what happens when a woman is overly jealous? She becomes jealous if a good looking woman walks by you, she doesn’t allow you to have female friends, she is always calling you to make sure that you are where you said you will be, etc. This is completely unhealthy and her being extremely jealous has to do with her insecurities which can damage your relationship. If you feel that asking for her hand in marriage will help with her insecurities then you are sadly mistaken. It will definitely become worst.

If your girlfriend shows any one of these signs then you should definitely not marry and you should probably break up with her as well. There are some signs on her that could be improve within her and if she makes those changes then of course you can marry her, but don’t let your emotions get in the way of making the right decision. Guys, you are not perfect either so make sure you read about the Relationship Advice All Wealthy Men Should Follow.

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