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Dating / November 29, 2012

Top 5 Places to Meet Rich Men

Get out of town! You mean to tell me that the guy you met at the bar down the street has a shitty job, no money and no motivation? Well, maybe the local pub isn’t the best place to find a financially stable man that you can plan a future with. Of course, there aren’t many places you can go and assume that every man in the room is wealthy. However, there are certain places women can go to try and meet men who tend to be in a higher income bracket than those hanging out at the watering hole down the street.

If you’re a woman on the prowl, here are the top 5 places you’ll want to visit to meet that well-to-do companion you’ve been searching for. You can’t assume every man you meet at these venues will be rich, but if finding a rich guy is your goal, you’ll have the best chance at these hot spots for men with deep pockets.

Car/Boat Shows – You’ll find your fair share of “scrubs” at these shows. Those are the guys that are just there to look. However, many wealthy men attend these shows to buy. This is where they sit down and finance their next toy. You’ll usually find the serious buyers near the finance managers and actually talking to sales representatives.

Art Galleries/Museums – Obviously, not all guys that visit galleries and museums are wealthy, you’ll certainly run into some starving artist-types at these venues. Luckily, it’s pretty simple to differentiate an artist from a collector. Although artists might be more fun, women who are looking for financial stability should probably stick to the collectors.

Hotel Bars – Every city has a luxury hotel with an amazing bar where the drinks are really overpriced. They have hip chairs that make you wonder if you should even sit in them. This is where rich guys with money to blow like to spend their time. They may be guests at the hotel or just having a drink, either way, chances are, they have money.

Natural Food Stores – You might have some other women to compete with but if you see a guy shopping at a natural food store alone, chances are he’s single. More than likely, the guy also works out and lives a healthy lifestyle. If you’re lucky, you might even find a guy that knows how to cook.

Sporting Events – There’s always that chance you might meet a crazed fanatic that spends every last dollar on sports memorabilia from his favorite team, but more than likely, guys at major sporting events are just typical men with discretionary income. A couple of girls dressed in sexy outfits with the local team’s logo could clean up in any stadium. Just stay away from the cheap seats.

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