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Luxury / August 12, 2011

Top 5 Gifts to Get Your Rich Man

Rich Men have it all, basically when it comes to materialistic possessions but nonetheless, they like being spoiled by their women with affection and gifts just the same on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, promotions and Valentines Day. However, the tricky part is when choosing a gift for your wealthy guy.

If you’re dating a rich man, you may want to consider getting them one of these top 5 items that will usually make him a happy guy, whether they use the item or not:

  • 1. Suspenders.

Rich Man just love suspenders. They’re affordable and this item in particular they will wear all the time.

  • 2. Golf Clubs.

Whether they play or not, they most likely know of someone who plays golf and they’ll be excited to have the Golf Clubs to tell all their rich buds of the bad ass golf clubs they received as a present. (Downside to this present if he doesn’t play, he’ll eventually start playing which means less time with your rich guy.)

  • 3. The Ultimate Get-A-Way Chair.

Basically it’s a black leather chair where he can really “get away.” Choose a soft soothing chair with cushioning all around and wide arm rests. Make sure it has a remote control. Rich men are usually “workaholics,” that won’t rip from the benefits of an awesome, soft chair. But again, they’ll be happy to have one. Just another gadget to show off in their pad.

  • 4. Espresso Machine.

Rich Men need their morning coffee. Get your rich guy a high end espresso machine that not only makes espresso but can also, make coffee & cappuccinos. Be sure that it has a programmable timer. Though most likely, you’re the one who’s going to have to learn how to use this machine but he’ll surely be smitten by his new espresso machine.

  • 5. Exotic Jukebox from Rock-Ola.

Rich Men love classic melodies. They like the classic sound that a jukebox of this magnitude can provide. The jukebox from Rock-Ola is absolutely bad ass, it has dual amplifiers with surround sound & dual equalizers as well. Your rich guy will go nuts for this gift and this one he will use and rock out to it to his favorite classic tunes.

Some of these gifts are “pricey” to say the least so it’s always a good idea to set money aside for a special gift for your special wealthy guy. If all this fails, I sure hope you’ve been wracking up on the sexiest lingerie and have a collection by now. At the end of the day, coming home to your woman in sexy lingerie waiting to entertain you with a steamy night of erotic pleasure will leave the dope jukebox in the dust.

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