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Luxury / September 30, 2011

Top 5 Expensive Must Have iPhone Apps For Every Rich Man

Most business men do prefer the Blackberry cell phone over an iPhone, but for those wealthy men that love to sleek look and touch screen of an iPhone have the world now at their fingertips with these must have apps. These apps can help you study for the Lawyer’s Bar Exam as well as allows you to view surveillance cameras anywhere.

Top 5 Expensive Must Have iPhone Apps For Every Rich Man:

1. iVIP Black:

This app will cost you $999.99 to purchase but it definitely well worth it. The nickname of this app is The Millionaire’s App and that is because this app gives you the location of iVIP venues and you will be able to receive surprise gifts, welcome packages, exclusive rates, complimentary room upgrades, and much more.

2. iRa Pro and iRa Direct:

This app will cost you $899.99 (iRa Pro) or $499.99 (iRa Direct) and will allow you to view and manage surveillance cameras . Clients could be schools, government, all kinds of corporations, etc.

3. BarMax CA and BarMax NY:

This app will cost you $999.99 and is made to help law students study for the New York bar exam or the California bar exam. Harvard lawyers also helped with the development.

4. DDS GP Yes!:

This app will cost you $499.99 and is “Designed for dental professionals to improve their presentation of dental conditions and treatment to patients.”

5. Spray:

This app will cost you $499.99 to purchase and this app allows any man in the business world to be out in the field and will have the ability to send important information directly back to the office instantly.

If you enjoyed these cool apps, then you have to check out the 3 Expensive Toys For The Extremely Rich.

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