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Wealthy Men / August 8, 2011

Top 10 Places Wealthy Men Live

Are you a sexy single woman looking to date a rich man, but dont know what cities to look in? Your search is finally over; in this list are some very interesting cities where you can definitely date rich. Women are always wondering where the most handsome and richest men live. Most only assume places such as New York or California. These sexy rich men actually live in some surprising places. There has been a study by Teasley who ranked United States cities as having the highest ratio of rich, single men to single women.

Top 10 Places Wealthy Men Live:

1. San Francisco Bay area
2. Anchorage, Alaska
3. Washington, D.C./Baltimore, Maryland
4. Sheboygan, Wisconsin
5. Naples, Florida
6. Minneapolis/Saint Paul, Minnesota
7. Rochester, Minnesota
8. Boston, Massachusetts
9. Fort Walton Beach, Florida
10. Dallas, Texas

As you can see by the list some of these cities are definitely not the top places that most would have thought of. If you live in nearby areas just make your way to these cities and hit up the local high class bars or restaurants and meet you hot Wealthy Men today.

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