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Fashion / Recent Posts / June 16, 2014

Top 10 Affordable Designer Fashion Brands

Everybody could look stylish if they had a lot of money to spend, but what if you want classy fashions that don’t cost a ton of money? Designer clothes are expensive, and brands like Old Navy and American Eagle just don’t cut it once you’re a bit older and need to look good. There are some companies, however, that are producing good looking styles at prices within reasonable reach. Here are the top 10 affordable designer fashion brands .


1.  H&M

This is a Swedish company with a stated goal of providing good quality clothing and up-to-date fashions at a reasonable price. They keep up with market trends and new styles, and can make you look classy and trendy. They offer tailored and leisure wear, along with shoes and accessories. You can’t buy online, but they have stores in most major cities.


2.  Bonobos

This company began with the aim of fixing the problem of ill-fitting men’s pants. They came up with an innovative design which cuts the pants differently, to produce pants that fit better and look better, too.  They have expanded to produce a full line with shirts, jackets, and more.


3.  Club Monaco

Just because these stores are in the same mall as Express doesn’t mean they deliver the same old styles.  This Canadian-based company creates stylish fashions with a dash of creative flair. You can get luxurious well made clothing for affordable prices.


4.  Zara

This fashion company is based in Spain and they have a unique advantage. When new fashion trends are introduced by top designers, Zara can incorporate those ideas in their own styles in only two weeks.  If you want the latest in fashion without runway prices, this is a good choice.



Associated with the famous brand TOPSHOP, this company is a leader in men’s fashion in the UK.  Their clothing styles are all designed in-house, on the British High Street. You don’t need to go to London, though – they’re also available online.


6.  YesStyle

If you’re looking for the most progressive fashion trends, then this company is a good place to start.  They distribute a huge selection of clothing from Asia, including the latest trends from designers on that continent. You’ll find some sensational clothes.


7.  Uniqlo

Continuing the Asian theme, this Japanese company is a leader in casual wear. Their designs are all done in-house, by a team who continuously tracks the latest trends. They’re not available online, but if you’re in New York City, check out their store.


8.  Yoox

If you’re looking for pieces from prestigious designers, then this online company is an excellent source.  Covering multiple brands, they have an incredible selection of unusual pieces that you won’t find elsewhere.


9.  Saks Off Fifth

Though Saks is known for pricey luxury goods, their Off Fifth brand has different merchandise and excellent deals. You can find private label Saks products – high quality and perfect for professional business attire.


10.  Vinyard Vines

This colorful, casual brand is intended to exude the relaxed comfort of Martha’s Vineyard. The designs are playful and a bit preppy, with a lot of personality, and they’ve got style that will make you look good.



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