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Dating / July 2, 2012

Tips On How To Have A Successful Relationship With A Wealthy Man

Relationships can be at times a bit hard to maintain due to the passion subsiding and lost of interest in one another’s activities. This is normal to a certain extent, but doesn’t mean that there is no hope that the relationship cannot be passionate and joyful as it once was. If you are dating a wealthy man solely for his money, then of course you will not have a successful relationship. If you are truly in love with this man, but seem to have lost his interest or you feel that you both a drifting away; here are some tips on how to have a successful relationship with a wealthy man:

1. Be Yourself: All you have to do is be yourself. That fun, loving, non gold digging woman that grabbed hold of attention needs to come back out. Be spontaneous, keep up your appearance and have a great personality.

2. Be A Housewife: If you are living with your very successful man you need to show him you can pull your weight around. Instead of having a maid or a once a week housekeeper you should be cleaning up the home that he provides for the both of you. Show him that you can help and you are more than happy to help him out.

3. Be Confident: Rich men love it when a woman is confident not cocky. He wants a woman who can look sexy in a tank top and sweat pants. Of course, look your best at all times, but there is a way to carry yourself that he will love.

4. Don’t Be A Gold Digger: If you are showing him more and more everyday that you only want to use his money on clothing, jewelry, beauty regiments and cars for yourself. He might be losing interest in you very quickly.

5. Get A Job or Hobby: Having a job is a way you can support yourself to a certain extent and maybe even treat him out for dinner once in awhile. Make sure you are busy being activity in some way to show him you are not just being a bum in the house while he is working hard to support the things you both own.

Always be faithful and have an open line of communication with your man. If something is bothering you or if something is bothering him; you both need to make sure it is communicated. All the money in the world can’t make a couple survive. Either they both pretend to be happy and are both doing dirt on the side and that is not a way to have a relationship or live your life. Figure out the issues before they become too serious to fix.

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