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Dating / July 5, 2012

Tips On How To Handle The Greedy Pressure Of Friends

You are dating this amazing rich guy because you are truly interested in him. Of course, him having loads of cash is a plus, but that is not what you want from him. Your friends now know that you are dating a very successful man and they want to be part of the spoiling that your generous man does for you. These are not good friends as they only appear to want to use your relationship to enjoy the finer things in life. Yeah, it is fun to include your friends when you and your man go on the yacht for a day out on the sea or enjoy a private jet plane ride to Las Vegas, but don’t include them in every outing because they will want more and become greedy. Here are some Tips On How To Handle The Greedy Pressure Of Friends:

Tip #1:

Let them know that you are with this man for other reasons than his money. It is important that your friends know that you are not a gold digger and just pretending to like this rich man, so that he can give you everything you want. Truthfully, it is sad if your friends think of you this way. Is it so hard for them to realize that you can be solely into the person for who they are?

Tip #2:

Make is extremely clear that your rich boyfriend is solely dating your and not your entire friend crew. Just because you have invited them to hang out with you and your boyfriend doesn’t mean that they have to feel as if they are part of your relationship. Your friends need to know their boundaries and not over step them. Your man only needs to worry about supporting you and making you happy, not your squad of friends.

Tip #3:

Do not share personal information with your friends about your relationship. Do not reveal how much money your wealthy man makes, how often he gets paid, how much he spends on a single night on the town with you or any other kind of information like this. Your friends do not need to know the ins and outs of your relationship. Including them in these private matters will only make them want to be more involved and use your man’s finances as well.

It’s always good to have a man that gets along with your friends and vice versa, but your relationship shouldn’t be treated as a group relationship. Be sure to make it clear to your friends that you are in it for the long haul when it comes to your rich man and that you sincerely care for this man. Do not allow them to use you, your rich boyfriend or his monies for their sick, twisted pleasures.

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