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Fashion / Recent Posts / April 7, 2014

The Rules of Wealthy Fashion

The wealthy have a distinctive look  that starts with their wardrobe.  Perhaps you’ve decided to look the part,  want to impress someone special, make a good professional appearance , or even just feel better about yourself. Whatever the reasons, these tips on the wealthy wardrobe can help you achieve the look of money.


1.  Quality Is Everything

The truly wealthy only buy top quality, so if this is the look you want, you need to do the same.  Check the construction of each garment, and ensure that it looks well made. The fabric should be of the highest standard, and natural fibers are preferred – Irish linen, wool, cashmere, silk, or Italian cotton. Whatever you buy, make sure that it fits perfectly. It’s better to buy just a few top quality pieces than a whole wardrobe from the bargain bin. Quality shows, as does cheap manufacturing.


2.  Think Classic 

Wealthy people with old money dress in a classic style.

Business Meetings a British style suit is appropriate. Pocket Squares essential. See styles by Giorgio Armani or Tom Ford  the two designers responsible for the most well dressed men of the Oscars.

Casual Occasions try for a look as though you’re just coming back from the beach house – topsiders, relaxed shorts, polo shirts, pastels, and cardigans fit the bill. A satin  linen slimfit tailored sport pant with moccasins and colored cardigan always looks classy casual.

Society Lunch  For women a classic Chanel suit with some simple pumps hits the mark perfectly or a Marc Jacobs dress. For men a Tom Ford O’Connor jacket . The look you want is timeless and classy, so don’t get caught up on every fashion trend.


3.  Layering 

The truly wealthy (as opposed to the nouveau riche), don’t feel the need to grab attention with splashy attire. Your look is one of understated quality. We love layering, so adorn yourself with a Ludlow Sportcoat from J.Crew or a Todd Snyder shawl-collar cardigan. As always, make sure every piece fits properly, and is in perfect condition.



4.  Select Authentic Design

It’s worth it to splurge on a few key wardrobe elements that are authentic  pieces. Current leaders are J.Crew,  Tom Ford, but for mass appeal you can never go wrong with classics like Armani, Chanel, Prada, or Gucci. If you stick with classic styles and avoid anything trendy or excessive, you should be able to make this purchase last you for years without going out of fashion.


5.  Shoes Count

It’s useless to wear an Yves Saint Laurent suit if you wear cheap or tacky shoes along with it.  Your shoes can ruin the effect entirely so you need to pay attention to these. It’s worth it to buy at least one pair of top quality shoes. Don’t go for the sparkly red Jimmy Choos with the 6 inch heels – you’ll get more mileage from a versatile choice like some classic Gucci pumps, that work with more outfits. For men, a conservative choice like top quality oxfords is a good move. The one shoe every man should own is a black lace-up.


6.  Accessorize with a classy bag or wallet

For women, a purse is a highly visible part of the wardrobe, so it deserves attention. You don’t need an expensive alligator bag, but it does need to look top quality. A classic leather bag is a good choice – make sure the materials and construction are superb. A quilted Chanel purse will never be out of style. For men, the wallet is not as obvious, but a good quality leather wallet is desirable. Check out the GQ 2014 Trend Report on Men’s accessories.



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