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Luxury / January 26, 2012

Signs Of A Gold Digger

Let me first start by saying that not all women or men that choose to date wealthy people are gold diggers. Just because you enjoy dating wealthy people doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll only after their money. Maybe they’ve been raised in a certain lifestyle that you wish to maintain. Maybe they’re a hard worker that makes good/decent money themselves and wants the same from their significant other. There are tons of possibilities. While all that may be true it’s important to be ware of the gold diggers lurking near by. Gold diggers aren’t just women; men and homosexuals can be gold diggers just the same. As yo continue to read I’ve listed some great tips on things you should look for.

*They will usually ask upfront about your financial status. They’ll want to know how many homes you own, what kind of car you drive, marital status, kids etc. They will ask or hint for money and or gifts all the time. *They’ll talk about their financial problems and hint or even ask for help. Always looking for a hand out and ready for a shopping spree as long as you’re paying. *When you ask them what they’d like to do for an evening or weekend, they’ll always come up with an expensive suggestion. *They never offer to pay or do something that doesn’t require spending big bucks. *This person will only go out of their way for others, if there’s some kind of big payoff for themselves. However they are too lazy to actually do anything to accomplish it. Leaving it to someone else to get it or make it happen for them.*Gold diggers either don’t work or usually work in places that requires very little work from them and gives them an opportunities to meet money makers (spas, resorts, clubs etc.). *Pay attention to just how much attention they are paying to your wealthy friends and others you may come across. *Do a background check and look for financial discrepancies, whether they had a real job, moved around a lot etc. *Ask to meet their family . You can discover a lot about a person from getting to know their family. *They use sex as a thank you. Think about it, do you only have wild intense sex after you’ve given them an expensive gift or had an expensive outing? *Last but not least, they have more attitude then gratitude! In other words they act as though you are required to take care of them, pay their bills and buy them gifts.

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