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Seven St. Patrick’s Day Events Around The World

St Patrick’s Day is one of the most popular traditional holidays in the world that attracts celebrations way beyond the borders of Ireland. If you are off travelling the world  here are events to attend that mark St Patrick’s Day from Ireland, Germany, the far east of Japan and to the coast of the United States.

1 Concerts in Belfast, Northern Ireland

Celebrations here are ever improving. This year, a green parade set to finish at Custom House Square will be followed by a huge concert.

The line-up includes:

Shayne Ward, the Manchester-born 2005 winner of the UK X Factor
Emerald Armada, whose brand of Irish folk will really get the crowd going
Sontas, a ten-piece group of musicians, dancers and singers from counties Donegal, Derry and Tyrone

2 Participate in Festivals & Parades in Boston, USA

Boasting of an Irish heritage, Boston sets the standards for the celebrations of St Patrick’s Day in the U.S.A. You can participate in marches and street parades throughout the city. Check out the South Boston St. Patricks Day Parade on March 16th. Its the second largest parade in the country viewed by 600,000 to 1 million people every year plus braodcasting on live TV. Check out @paradeBoston on Twitter for more details

3 Late Night Revelries in Buenos Aires, Argentina

For lovers of night parties, the Buenos Aires’ way of celebrating St Patrick’s Day will definitely be tempting. With more than ten blocks closed in the city in order to control the traffic of over 50,000 participants, green runs the street at night on St Patrick’s Day.

4 Parade and have an after party in Munich, Germany

More than in any other occasion in Germany, St Patrick’s Day, since the year 1996, offers an event with 100% Irish dance and music on the program. After the parade, there will be an after party the next day, which always marks a great family event.

5 Comedy festival in London, United Kingdom

In Trafalgar Square, this is where the main event for St Patrick’s Day will take place in London. More than 100,000 persons are expected to turn up, and the event will be marked by not only a parade, but also a comedy festival. Buildings will go green in London with the London Eye once more to set the pace.

6 Traditional gaming in Motserrat, Caribbean

St Patrick’s Day in the Caribbean is celebrated together with a number of other important events such commemorating the slave uprising. The festivities here are set to extend for a week marked with playing of traditional games, telling of stories and flying kites.

7  Do It Again  in Sydney, Australia

Despite the time difference, there isn’t much difference in Sydney when it comes to music, entertainment, plus dancing on St Patrick’s Day in Sydney. Both Irish and Australian national anthems will be sung aloud on the day, and it will be dubbed as a “family day” and this will be in Hyde Park.

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