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Luxury / September 26, 2011

Rich Men Prefer BlackBerry Over iPhone

A stunning a very interesting fact was recently revealed from the “Simultaneously Media Usage Survey” Prosper Mobile Insights recently conducted: Rich Men Prefer BlackBerry Over iPhone. Yeah, that’s right. Even though they can easily afford the more expensive iPhone, the majority of rich men preferred to have a BlackBerry in their hand. When it came to smartphones, the study revealed that top earners making between $100,000 to $149,000 comparatively owned 21.2% BlackBerry over the 19.1% iPhoners and 7.2% Droids.

Interestingly enough, the income group that preferred iPhone to BlackBerry was highest among middle-income earners ($75,000 to $99,000), which comparatively owned 20% iPhone over Blackberries at 18.7%. And without much of a surprise lower earners in the $35,000 to $49,000 range preferred the most thrifty Android phones over any others. Well, there you have it. Rich Men Prefer BlackBerry Over iPhone, so buy them one if they don’t have one already, or get them a really cool and useful phone accessory for Xmas.

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