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Recent Posts / Wealthy Men / August 12, 2014

Rich Men Highest Paying Careers

Looking for rich men can be more efficient if you aim directly at the right target. If you are not up to date when it comes to highest paying careers, start regularly consulting publication such as Forbes or the Wall Street Journal. There are specialized sites that make the tops of the best and worst jobs every year, and these magazines reveal and discuss rich men all the time. There are careers which have always been well paid and others are the jobs of the future, as society and technology evolves. Here is the top 5 of Rich Men highest paying careers:

1.       IT Specialists & Mathematicians

This year, the first place is occupied by mathematicians, who have an average income of $101.360. Those who operate very well with numbers are in great demand as well, so don’t avoid smart men who have a turn for IT and numbers. They might not be the most fun and interesting people, but they are rich and reliable people who are often invited to different countries due to their skills.

2.       White Collar: University Professor/Doctor/Lawyer

You can’t go wrong if you choose white collar careers (professors, doctors, lawyers), which are not only well paid, but they also confer people a high social status which comes with respect and admiration. Next to such men, you will be financially safe, and also respected. You will not fear bankruptcy, legal problems or social stigma. Also, your family will be thrilled.

3.       Politician

A job that always pay well and is never affected by any financial crisis is that of politician. Choosing this carrier in a man is playing a winning game, since politicians are always there, are always needed, and are rich. Even political consultants and all kinds of experts are great picks if you are looking for rich men. The disadvantage is that you are in the public eye. Don’t forget about diplomats, who have the chance to live in exotic parts of the world, every several years.

4.       Risky Jobs

All careers that imply high safety risk (pilots, firemen, policemen) are well paid and very well seen, since these are men who serve and save the others. And you know what they say about men in uniforms! You will feel rich, envied and well protected.

5.       Celebrities and Sportsmen

Celebrities earn a lot of money, whether they are actors, TV hosts, musicians, entertainers, designers etc. they make more money than normal people with normal jobs, that’s a fact. They have luxurious lifestyles, travelling, going to parties and events, meeting all the exciting people, buying or receiving all the expensive things. Next to a celebrity man, you will have access to all that. The same can be said about sportsmen. They make a lot of money and travel a lot, just that they have a stricter lifestyle. In both cases, there is the disadvantage that you can’t spend too much time with such men.

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