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Dating / Recent Posts / February 26, 2014

Is He Your Christian Grey?

Millions of women around the world have read the book “50 Shades of Grey”, and it’s probably inspired more erotic fantasies than anybody since Elvis. This isn’t your classic bodice-ripper – it has some big twists compared to a standard romance novel. The rich and successful main character is rich, devilishly handsome, and devilish in some other ways, too. This huge bestseller has sparked dreams in women everywhere of finding their own Christian Grey.  If you’re among them, here’s what to look for.

1.  He’s Charming. There’s no doubt about it, Christian Grey is a charming devil, with remarkable seductive powers. Of course, his good looks are enough to make even sophisticated women swoon, but when he also turns on the charm, you’d better watch out.


2.  He’s successful. He has a sharp sense for business, and he is very good at what he does. Of course that leads to his financial success, and we all know that wealth can be a powerful seductive quality as well.


3.  He’s not stuck up. How many men in the world manage to be handsome, wealthy, and successful, without also ending up being arrogant and full of themselves? One of Grey’s most endearing qualities is that he seems to be unaware of just how appealing he is to women.


4.  There’s only one woman for him. This guy could have beautiful women around the world falling at his feet, but somehow he only has eyes for one – the shy and somewhat awkward Anastasia. Who wouldn’t want to be loved like this? This is powerful stuff, and is a main reason that she will do anything for him.


5.  He is Exciting. Life with Grey is anything but boring. It’s a far cry from many people’s real life. It’s not about dull evenings sitting in the living room watching TV together. No monotonous days and nights – once you meet this guy, things get exciting.


6.  The Sex is Unbelievable. Here’s where the erotic fantasies come in. Anastasia is eager to please Grey, and he has some pretty kinky sexual activities in mind for her. It’s more than most women will ever experience, but many have a secret longing to explore such erotic intimacy.


7.  He is Generous. Grey is generous with Anastasia, and wants to give her the world. He is also generous with others, giving back to society and those less fortunate through his philanthropy. This shows that he’s got an angelic side to go with the devilish.


8.  He Will Fight For You. From somewhere deep in our genetic conditioning, women want a man who will fight for them.  It shows he cares and wants to protect you. It shows he’s a strong, manly man. No woman wants to be with a wimp who’s afraid to stand up and fight for her if the situation demands it.


9.  He is Imperfect. On the surface, with those devastating good looks and rich-guy lifestyle, it may seem that he’s as perfect as it gets. Once you dig deeper, though, you realize he’s flawed just like the rest of us.  That’s something we can all identify with, and something that proves he’s human, too. Find someone you can love in spite of their flaws, and who feels the same about you, too.



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