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Dating / Recent Posts / June 16, 2014

How To Regain His Interest

So, you’ve been dating this guy for a few months, everything seemed perfect. Why, all of a sudden, do you feel so much distance between you? Has he lost interest? What can you do to fix it? First of all, stop and ask yourself a few questions. Is he worth fighting for? How far into your future can you envision him? Could he be Mr. Right? Can you picture him being the father of your unborn children?

Ok, so you think he’s pretty special and have decided the last thing that you want to do is lose him? Well, you’ve got to figure out what you might have done to contribute to the way he’s acting. Is it possible that you got too comfortable too quickly? Now that you think you have him, did you stop trying to impress him? When you know he’s coming over, do you still spend all that time trying to decide what to wear?  Wealthy men are constantly looking for the next level of stimulation and success. If you aren’t doing it for him anymore you may want to kick it into high gear and reignite his interest.

A few months ago, you changed at least three times before you were satisfied with your outfit. Are you just happy with an old sweatshirt and holey jeans, no makeup, and hair thrown up in a pony tail? You are still beautiful, of course, but he’d like to see that girl he started dating every once in a while. When he calls and asks what you would like to do tonight, has it turned to always staying home for takeout and being lazy?

Girl, that is not who he met and started dating. Put on those cute clothes, spend an hour on your hair and makeup, make him proud to be seen with such a gorgeous lady. Go to a nice dinner, pizza delivery is NOT happening tonight! Dancing afterwards would be really good, hold him tight during the slow songs.

Has the old green monster gotten hold of you? Have you started being jealous and not trusting him to leave your sight? That is the biggest turnoff ever. He probably has done nothing to deserve your jealousy. It’s possible that it’s coming from a prior relationship and you just have a low self-esteem. You must fix that before you send Prince Charming riding off into the sunset without you.

It’s hard sometimes not to bring things from old relationships into new ones. However, you must stop and realize that they are two totally different people. It’s pretty apparent that the last one wasn’t so good or you would still have him around. Stop trying to make Mr. Right into Mr. Wrong. Do not talk about Mr. Wrong all the time, Mr. Right could care less what you did with him.

Every couple needs some time apart, too much time together can make for a bad thing. So, if he wants to go fishing, hunting, or just hang out with his buddies for the day, it’s ok, he needs some man time. Call up one of your friends and go hang out.

At the beginning of all relationships, we want to be perfect, especially if we like the new person.  However, is it possible that you are trying to be someone you aren’t? Maybe since you are getting more comfortable with him, the real you is coming out. You should have let him know the real you from the beginning. You are beautiful inside and out, he deserves to see it for himself.

So, impress him with your beauty once again, ask him out to dinner. You want to show off your wonderful man, stop being jealous for no reason. He must want YOU, or he wouldn’t have stuck around this long. Give him lots of love and affection, but don’t be clingy. Show him that he is your world, even if you’re together 60 years, always let him know he looks good, you appreciate him for just being him, and that you love him more today than you did yesterday.

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