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Dating / Wealthy Men / May 8, 2014

How To Land & Keep A Sugar Mama

Men who have managed to meet and keep a “sugar mama” for an extended period of time know how great it is to have a woman that gives them, not only all the money they need, but the attention they need as well. Especially if your sugar mama is an older woman, chances are they won’t mind supporting you financially as long as you keep some simple things in mind. That’s why we’ve come up with this short list of things that any guy can do to land and keep a sugar mama.


Show Them Plenty of Affection

What woman doesn’t love a ton of affection? That’s why one of the main keys in getting (and keeping) a sugar mama is to shower them with tokens of your affection. Whether it’s buying them flowers on a regular basis, writing them corny love letters or simply opening the car door for them when you go out, simple gestures that show you care can go a long way. This is especially true when you can’t just go out and buy an expensive gift to show your love.

Help In Anyway You Can

It goes without saying that having a sugar mama means that the she will be the primary earner. But that doesn’t mean that you should just sleep all day while she’s out earning a living. Helping around the house and doing “chores” can go a long way in earning and keeping a sugar mama’s attention. Even if she can afford to pay somebody to mow the lawn, do the laundry and clean up around the house, doing it yourself doesn’t only show that you care, it also makes you useful. Besides, who’s to say that the she won’t be more attracted to the landscaper she has to hire because you’re busy sleeping all day? Afterall, at least he has a job.


Keep Them Satisfied

This should go without saying, but I’ll say it anyway. If you’re not satisfying your sugar moma in the bedroom, there’s little to no reason that she should even keep you around, let alone support you financially. Women who have more money than they can spend on themselves have no problem supporting a man (or two) but there’s definitely an unwritten rule when it comes to these situations. It works the same way when you see an older man hanging around with a young, attractive girl. You can bet he doesn’t keep her around because she’s good company.

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