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Dating / January 21, 2014

How To Have A Successful Online Dating Experience

With the internet dating world expanding as fast as it is, there’s no wonder more and more people are jumping onboard. There’s really nothing to loose by giving it a try after all. I mean you don’t know these people so there’s no real fear of rejection. The online dating experience is great for people new to the dating scene or that haven’t had much luck in the dating world. It gives them a chance to get their feet wet. You can connect with others without having to swallow the face to face rejection which we all know can be heart breaking. So if you’re one of those people out there that is truly looking for a successful online dating experience here are some helpful tips.

1. Build a great profile! Your profile is the first insight people have on you. What you choose to share with potential candidates is very important. It’s important for you to be imaginative and creative. You want to sound confident, without sounding cocky and try to use some humor. Everyone loves to be around a person with a good sense of humor and can laugh at themselves. List things that you enjoy doing for fun so it makes it easy for others to find common interests with you.

2. Post RECENT good looking pictures of YOURSELF! Believe it or not looks really aren’t everything. Women and men both look for so much more than just a good looker when it comes to settling down. Obviously there needs to be an attraction but that’s just about it. Don’t post up pictures from years ago that don’t look like you now. Sooner or later you hope to meet in person and you don’t want to get that far to get turned down on false advertisement.

3. Be patient! Remember that not everyone checks their emails everyday or every second of everyday. Keep in mind it can take a few days to hear a response from people. Some people will never respond and that’s okay! Email multiple people that have caught your attention. However, make sure to keep the facts straight and don’t get them mixed up. It’s important to creative and engaging. Ask questions to keep them interested and have them looking for your emails over the rest. Keep it personal without getting too personal. If you see they being very short with their answers it’s a sign of lack of interest so move on to the next. (Don’t talk about sex!)

4. Don’t rush things! Email back and forth at least 3-4 times before asking for phone numbers or Facebook information. Text back and forth or talk on the phone a couple times before planning to meet. The more you get to know about each other, the more likely you are to have a true connection. Don’t worry about rejection! You don’t know these people, so who cares. You’ll win some and you’ll lose some, just keep it going!

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