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Dating / February 11, 2014

How to Get The Gifts You Want This Valentine’s Day

Women can be very persuasive when they want something; and by “something” we mean the good stuff, not hugs and kisses. Valentine’s Day is the best time of the year for a devoted girlfriend, spouse, or mistress to receive something she’s been dying to have for months. How do you convince a man to get you an expensive gift? Simple – you just have to be a little sly.

 Lingerie – Give a Little to Get A Lot 

Men love a woman in lingerie. They’re willing to spend thousands of dollars at Victoria’s Secret on tiny things that go off in seconds. And yet, lingerie can be such a persuasive weapon for women to get the gifts they want for this Valentine’s Day. Spending $80 on that lace baby-doll thong will most likely convince your lover you’re worth 10 times that value. There’s no doubt that sex is the most powerful weapon a woman can use to get her dream gift on Valentine’s Day. Beep beep … Pandora necklace I’m coming!!!!

Play the angry girlfriend card

No man wants an angry girlfriend by his side on Valentine’s Day, and you’re smart enough to figure out why. Women can be so devious at times, and they often play the angry girlfriend card just to get what they want. So what is it that you want this time – a kitten? Oh please, it’s Chanel time! On Valentine’s Day an angry girlfriend shouldn’t want to do anything. If you play your cards right, that bag is yours. Men are like toys on this special celebration. If they don’t act fast to please their women, here’s what will happen for the next 12 months: every time you have a fight, you will remind him of what he didn’t do on Valentine’s Day. So rather than spend money on 12 Chanel bags he should swallow his pride, and give you what you want. Just this time! Yeah right …

Let’s go visit my parents! Daddy will love to see you!

This old trick works every single time. Men are usually terrified by their father-in-law. He’s the man who’s loving their precious flower every single night, so Daddy hates him for sure. Women know that very well and successfully play this card when a new purse, dress, watch, or phone is needed. He would do anything to get away from that awkward situation. Get your credit ready boys, as your girl is about to be fully satisfied this Valentine’s Day.

There are so many ways women can get what they want (and deserve of course) on Valentine’s Day. Some of them choose to make use of their sexuality while others would rather stick to simpler tricks like moral blackmail. Either way, the goal is to land a great gift. As long as you’re smart enough to play your cards right, chances are your spouse or lover will eventually give in. Don’t forget to leave hints and tips for him to find. Drop phrases about your wants, and walk him by the hand through the boutique of your choice. Some men are just clueless.


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