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Dating / Wealthy Men / July 29, 2011

How To Be A Playboy

People may think it is a piece of cake to be a rich playboy, but that isn’t so. You may be wealthy, single and young, but only certain guys can take that to the level of being a true playboy. So how does one become a playboy? Well, in this article we will outline some basic things you can do to give off and maintain the playboy lifestyle as a single, rich man.

First things first. A lot of being a playboy has to do with your attitude. Bottom line, you have to exude confidence. No matter how sticky a situation might get, you have to keep your calm and cool demeanor. This means in and out of the office. Confidence doesn’t equal rudeness, so don’t mistake the two. Rudeness is calling the waiter out at the country club because he isn’t living up to expectations. Confidence is laying a $100 bill on the table and saying, “Get me my food in the next 10 minutes, and that is yours.” Let your money do your talking. Women go crazy for this. If a chick disses you, don’t show any disruption. Walk up to the bartender and buy her drinks. Then let her come to you.

Second thing is that it’s all about the look. This means going with quality and not flashiness. You wear a suit because it is the best handmade suit, not because it costs more or less or because it’s a different cut, style or color. The same goes for your car, house, and everything else. This distinguishes you. Your rich, wild and can party with the best of them, but you are also deep and full of knowledge. All your possessions were bought for a reason you can describe. Also, hangout with famous people. But this all about being casual. Go play tennis with an NFL player, don’t go to a club with one. These situations add to your status and aren’t acts of trying to hard.

Lastly, party hard, but party with class. You want to be that guy in the corner of the club with a table and an entourage, not the sweaty dude dancing with three chicks. You still have your three beautiful models, but instead they are pouring your drinks, lighting your cigars and dancing for you with each other. This kind of behavior draws other ladies to you because you are intriguing. They come to you, and next thing you know your being asked to leave the club because you have three ladies making out with each other and stripping. Meanwhile, you never even left your seat.

That is how to be a playboy…

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