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Dating / Recent Posts / Wealthy Men / March 18, 2014

How To Be A Playboy

What man hasn’t dreamed of the life of an international playboy? Living in a mansion, driving a Lamborghini, jetting off to exotic destinations – all accompanied by a bevy of beautiful models who can’t keep their hands off you. Face it – not every guy can make it to this level, but even if you’re not a mega-millionaire, there are things you can do. Here’s how to live the playboy lifestyle.


Clothes Make The Man

You need to look like a wealthy playboy, not a beach bum, and that all relies on the clothes.  You’re going for a look of top quality, because that’s what international playboys want (in their clothes, as well as their women). Shop for designer clothes that will emit the look of money. Buy a handmade suit with the perfect flattering fit, and get some expensive Italian shoes to complete your look.


Exude Confidence

Playboys don’t get nervous. They don’t act fidgety, they don’t swear at other drivers, and they don’t yell at the waiter. They keep their cool in any situation, just like James Bond. You need to exude a supreme confidence that you can handle anything that comes up, and don’t let anything or anybody get to you. Money is a great tool here – slipping somebody a hundred dollar bill to make a problem go away is the cool way to handle an issue, and women adore this sort of thing.


Surround Yourself With Luxury

It’s not just your clothes that need to look expensive, you need to have the playboy look all around you.  Drive an exotic sports car that turns heads on the road, and don’t leave candy bar wrappers on the floor. Live in the perfect house overlooking the ocean, with an outdoor terrace that’s an ideal setting for pool parties – just you and a couple dozen gorgeous bikini-clad women. If you have a big yacht, that’s icing on the cake.


Socialize  With Fame

This completes your image of a rich, worldly playboy. Invite celebrities to your pool parties, or meet them for cocktails. This means actors, professional sports figures, authors, politicians, or anybody who could be considered even a minor celebrity. If you can get Hugh Jackman to your party, that’s awesome, but even a relatively obscure actor who appeared in a couple of movies nobody saw, can make an impression. Also, once you know anybody famous, be sure to drop their name frequently, and give the impression that you’re best friends. It all helps to boost your status with the ladies.


Party With Class

Of course, you’ll be out at clubs until dawn – that’s part of the playboy lifestyle. But you don’t want to do this wrong. Never go alone, and never get yourself into a sweaty mess on the dance floor. Play it cool. Sit back with your entourage of beautiful models, and let them fawn over you as you survey the scene. With this cool, confident approach, your entourage could grow over the evening.


Always Take Multiple Women

As a playboy, you’re not tied to just one woman, so why would you want to go anywhere with just one girl? You can cement your playboy status, and enjoy the fruits of this lifestyle, by taking multiple women with you wherever you go. Lunch, the beach, a party, or a trip to Aruba – they’re all opportunities to show off your current harem.

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