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Fashion / August 15, 2011

Dressing to Impress Wealthy Men

When it comes to impressing wealth men, you have to look sexy, but not slutty. Remember, these are powerful men that are surrounded by pretty women dressed in business attire all day long. So, how does one primarily look sexy while not pushing the envelope to far and ending up looking slutty? That is pretty easy. Mostly, it comes down to the cuts of the clothes and the tightness. The idea is to show off your best features, but to do so in a tasteful way. This means no excessive cleavage popping out, bare-midriffs or dresses that fit too tight, are too thin or are too short, thus leaving no imagination about your backside.

The other very important thing is to dress classy by wearing clothes by upscale designers, such as Prada or BCBG. There is just no substitute for the kind of fashion these high-end designers are producing. They always go classy with their cuts, you just have to be sure to keep it sexy and not slutty. And while designer clothes may be more expensive, it’ll pay-off in the long run when you turn the heads of wealthy men as you walk by.

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