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Dating / Wealthy Men / July 12, 2013

Different Types Of Rich Men


Let’s talk about the different kinds of wealthy men. The most common but dying breed of wealthy men are the “well off” guys, they’re not exactly rich but make between $150,000 & 300,000 a month. They have a few assets and were doing pretty well until a few years ago when the economy collapsed.

Then there’s the millionaires. There’s the millionaires that are worth a few million and then the filthy millionaires and billionaires that are just a completely ball park and monster all on their own…


Let’s discuss the 1st two, “well off” and “worth a few million if not a couple.” You definitely want to go for the millionaire that’s worth a few million or just a couple. Most likely he just recently came up and is open to seeing women who aren’t from the same financial bracket or the same social circle since he just recently joined and is getting his toes wet.

These guys are also, if you play your cards right just looking for a break and as long as you look good and your not too demanding, they’re going to like you. You’re just going to have to be extra clever and tactful since you’re probably not the only woman chasing his ass.

The “well offwealthy guy use to be tangible, stable and accommodating. But thanks to today’s economy these “well off” guys that are not rich but doing great for themselves are a thing of the past much like the whole entire upper middle class has been wiped out.

You see, most of these guys worked for large corporations and were doing good right on top in their fancy office with a personal secretary/assistant. Unfortunately, these large corporations can’t afford to have a few top dogs on top that make $150, 000 to $300,000 a month so they’ve been canned or severely demoted. They fire one of these guys and hire 4 working class employees way at the bottom to keep things running and in turn the company saves money and still gets the job done.

The “well offwealthy men were my definite favorite but they’ve become undependable. So, when on the prowl for a wealthy guy make sure he’s worth a couple of million. As for the super rich guys, it’s really hard to meet one, but you can go ahead and try. With the amount of will and tenacity you can get in there.

Good luck hunting for your wealthy guy!

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