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Luxury / January 5, 2012

Dating Your Ex’s Friends or People From Their Inner Circle

I still don’t understand why people even question whether or not it’s ok to date someone from your ex’s circle or friends or family. NO, it is NOT! This is just wrong for so many different reasons. It’s disrespectful to your ex, it looks very bad on you and makes the new guy/girl look like a looser going around picking up peoples sloppy seconds. Not to mention they look like a bad friend and you like like a hoe or an a-hole. If you are already in this situation, I’m not trying to insult or offend you in any way. However, I’m here to keep it real with you, not to baby you and we all know sometimes the Truth Hurts.

Think about it… Would you really want to see one of your ex’s dating one of your friends? How would you feel if you showed up to a gathering or event only to see one of your ex’s walk in with someone your affiliated with? Most people after parting ways want nothing to do with the other. They try their very best to forget about the person’s existence to help them heal and move on. By invading their circle you are not allowing them that opportunity. If you are like me and you actually remain friends or on good terms with all your ex’s, by dating someone from their circle you are smacking them in the face.

Whether your friends with your ex or not, by dating someone from their inner circle you are indirectly smacking them in the face. You are basically telling them that you don’t care about them, probably never did and really don’t care how they feel. Maybe all that is true. Maybe you don’t care, maybe you want to wish them harm and more pain. But is this really the way to go about it? Aren’t you making yourself look bad in the process? Is this really the image you want to set for yourself?

Not only are you going to possible ruin the relationship between these two men/women, but you are going to ruin the way people look at you. While they may smile in your face about it, rest assured they will be talking about you behind your back. Is all this really worth it? With “so many fish in the sea” do you really need to remain within one school of fish? Spread your wings, or should I say fins and venture else where. Allow yourself to grow and see and meet new people. Leave your past in your past and move forward in new directions seeking new horizons!

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