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Dating / Luxury / February 16, 2012

Dating A Wealthy Man Vs. Dating A Broke Man

There are a lot of differences between dating a wealthy man or a broke man. Of course the obvious is that the wealthy man has money and the broke man doesn’t have a lot of money. Let’s start off talking about dating a wealthy man, if you decide that you want to date a wealthy man then by all means do so. You will know that he can provide for you easily and show you the world. You must likely do not have to work as he will probably be giving you a weekly allowance.

Remember, if you are not working and he is providing for you, you might be obligated to do what he asks of and you are not that independent woman you once was. At the end of the day nothing is truly yours as you haven’t worked for the money you used to buy yourself things. Granted, every wealthy man handles his relationships differently and you might not lose yourself and still have him provide the luxuries of life for you.

Dating a broke man can be a bit challenging, you are the one who is providing for you both and you can’t afford the nicer things in life. The thing with most broke men is that they know they cannot compete with on a rich man level, but they definitely pay attention to detail and make sure the simplest things are the things you will treasure the most. Or you could be dating a broke man who’s only purpose is not to work and live off his girlfriend and if that is the case you need to dump him quick.

Stop Dating Broke Guys.


What you need to realize is that all relationships are different and sometimes there are some pros and cons in both dating a rich man and a broke man. You need to make sure whatever relationship you decide to involve yourself in is the perfect match and the healthiest can of relationship you can be in. Ladies, you always want to look your best, but lets say you are on a tight budget then you need to check out Review: e.l.f Cosmetics as they have excellent products for a low price.

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