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Luxury / September 23, 2011

Body Language Hints Every Woman Should Know

What is body language anyways? Body Language is simply a form of non-verbal communication that usually consists of body posture, facial expressions, eye movements and even gestures. It is believed that about 60-90 percent of all human communication actually comes from a persons body language, not their verbal words. With that said, I’m sure you can all see the importance of knowing how to properly read a persons body language.

By knowing and understanding what to look for, you become a step ahead of the game. This can save you from the humiliation of rejection and save you from walking away from great possibilities. Read the tips below to help you distinguish what that wealthy man you have your eye on is really thinking. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a stranger from across the room or a current love. Pay close attention to what he’s body language is actually telling you to find out if he’s really digging you!

Body Language Hits Every Woman Should Know

When a guy…

Positions His Chest and Shoulders In Your Direction: He’s into you! It doesn’t matter where he’s eye are looking if he’s upper body is facing you, you’re the one he’s truly interested in.

Gives You That Piercing Gaze: He could simply be trying to seduce you, it doesn’t necessarily mean he’s smitten over you.

Gives You A Half Smile: He’s probably looking for a no-strings attached fling. Beware of the this two sided face it may be attached to a two sided man.

Gives You The Eye Brow Lift: You’ve got his attention. Only issue here is that it usually happens as soon a man sees a woman. It’s known for happening so quickly that it often goes unseen or unnoticed.

Touches His Pockets or Belt Buckle: He’s turned on and subconsciously trying to bring your attention to his assets.

Has A Close Mouthed Grin: He’s into you! However, he may be a bit shy or trying to hold back some.

Gives You The Head Tilt: He’s Interested! The head tilt is usually done subconsciously but is a great cue that he wants you to step up.

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