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Beauty / Fashion / Recent Posts / April 2, 2014

Are Men Intimidated By A Woman in Red?

Move over little black dress the lady in red has entered the room. It is often pondered whether a man can handle the allure of a woman in red. It takes a strong man who is unafraid to be enticed by the confidence and passion expressed by this color. Both erotic and powerful it can intimidate the average man and send very different messages in the workplace. Knowing the kind of message that red communicates to men will help you in navigating the spheres of business and pleasure.

One common factor about the color red and women wearing it is that it is a symbol of sexiness and seduction. Is it a fact that red makes a woman sexy? Well, if you look at the messages of the media the woman in red is often the mysterious seductress. An icon of sexuality in a sea of black.

Men find women who wear red more attractive than those wearing other colors and this is according to studies that have involved men from all over the world. A woman’s dress color unarguably has an immense effect on how a man reacts to her. Another thing about red is that not only does it act as a representation of lust and love, it is also a color of power and confidence. Since time before, red has been used as a sign of authority and this is no different when it comes to women in red. This can be perceived as a threat to men in business as they come up against the competition and power-play of an authoritative women. A confident man will enjoy the challenge, however an insecure man may act out. Wearing red acts as a symbol of status.

Many women wear red lipstick as a sign of rebellion, authority, and independence. The irony of this is that the signification of a red lip is that of sexual readiness. It imitates the rush of red to the lips after having been ravaged by a man or aroused at the thought. This is applicable to blushes as well. Wearing red clothing or blushes is in fact an indication of sexual readiness, seduction, and arousal.  Perhaps this is why men cannot resist a lady in red or on some occasions are intimidated by the blatant display.

Keep in mind the subconscious messages you are sending through color choices in your wardrobe.  Subtle sexiness is never a bad thing so keep red in your wardrobe mix but don’t over do it by wearing them all at once.

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