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Beauty / Dating / January 30, 2014

A Scientific Approach To The Standards Of Beauty

Standards of Beauty According to Science and Nature – From Beautiful Women Pedia 

Most people may not realize this, but the standards of female beauty around the world are a matter of scientific fact.

Of course inner beauty is a whole separate thing from the physical standards offemale beauty, however this article will stick to what the scientific community depicts true beauty to be.

According to science and nature, the standards of beauty can apply to any woman whether she looks average, is overweight, or is short in stature. She can be any age, race, or even from a different planet.

No matter the case, a woman can be scientifically defined as beautiful because of her symmetry. This is carnal and is embedded in the brains of all humans. A perfectly symmetrical woman screams good genes and without even knowing it, men will flock to women that possess this geometrical balance.

Some examples of the standards of beauty can be seen in Hollywood. Lets take an old time well known actress/rapper such as Queen Latifah. She has a rather wide girth to her yet she is a spokesperson for Maybeline cosmetics. Isn’t it odd that such an average and large woman be considered beautiful? Not according to science and psychology however.

Queen Latifah has perfect alignment to her appearance. Her hips meet from point A to B seamlessly, as do her cheek bones and the corner of her lips. Her face is a perfect oval that connects to an exact centered point to her chin. In other words, she is geometrically formed.

It is not hard to determine the standards of beauty either. This can be done subconsciously, or you can whip out your tape measure and calculate it for yourself. By simply measuring every feature to the center of and part of the body will determine this. If the length from one cheek to the center is not the same as the other cheek to the center, then true beauty is not defined.

This goes for every part of the body a person possesses such as arms, hips, ears, nostrils, and shoulders. If something is off kilter, such as a crossed eye or one snaggled tooth, then all bets are off. A woman may still be pretty, but not scientifically beautiful if her nose hooks even slightly.

Now that you are aware of what is or isn’t truly beautiful, look around and you will notice that people designed like this are usually possessing the best jobs, have the mates of their choice, and can basically get anything they aim to receive.

The standards of beauty is nature’s way of ensuring that humans evolve to have the best and strongest genes for the survival the fittest. It is evolution at its finest and can be easily witnessed in action by simply looking around yourself.

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