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Luxury / November 30, 2011

7 Signs That You Are A Picky Dater

Everyone says that they have a type when it comes to dating. No one really has a “type.”They just prefer dating someone with certain characteristics and traits. That is okay to have and do, but what happens when you are too picky? Will you ever be satisfied with whomever you choose to be with? Coming to terms with what you want and need to have are two different things. There are some deal breakers that are understandable while others are simply ridiculous. 

7 Signs That You Are A Picky Dater:

1. You have given out your number on a date, but when the person called you the next day you ignored the call because you felt it was too soon. In fact you should be happy that this person wants to hear from you and isn’t following that stupid 3 day calling rule.

2. You have actually turned down more dates than actually going on dates. You need to learn how to give people chances. First impressions are not always what they seem. You could be missing out on a really fantastic person.

3. You are always the one who rejects the potential dater and never the one who gets rejected. Everyone in life should experience rejection. This is how people become humble. Plus, if you are the one rejecting everyone in two minutes this obviously doesn’t give a person time to let you know that they are not interested in you.

4. You don’t remember your date’s name, but you remember how many times they got up to use the bathroom or checked their phone. While on a date it is important and respectful for you to know your dater’s name.

5. You already made up your mind within the first 10 minutes that you do not want to go out on a date with this person. Once again you are not allowing yourself to get to know the person and see if there are some common interests. You are already blocking yourself off to not knowing the person.

6. You have broken up with people in the past for things that honestly didn’t matter. For instance, this person didn’t comb their hair the way you like or wore socks with sandals.

7. You should up late for the date and so does your date, but you are mad at him or her for showing up late. You reaction is not justified nor does it make sense. What? You are the only one allowed to be late to dates? I don’t think so.

Learn how to have fun on these dates and don’t pay attention to the little things. You never know what potential great relationship you could have had with that person you dumb due to her or him wearing 80′s sock with Jordon sandals. These are the little things that can be easily changed with a simple conversation.

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