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Dating / Recent Posts / April 10, 2014

6 Steps To Seduce A Successful Man

Six Steps to Seduce A Successful Man

Prince Charming. He is exactly the kind of man you have always dreamt of;  he knows what to say and when to say it. Match his game and be a mastered seductress.

Cleopatra was never curious of whether she would captivate a man and you don’t need to be either.  Use these 6 steps of seduction on your mordern Mark Antony:

1)      Confidence

They say that confidence is the king of the game; for this sake let’s call it queen for now. There is nothing that a man  finds more attractive in a woman than her confidence. a woman with confidence is a tempting challenge. She is a greater find than desperate self conscious women who will settle for any man.

2)      Attention

All men like attention; this is a fact. On your first night out, you would most certainly want to assure the man that there are other reasons than just one why he should stick around. Give him your attention, flow along with his conversation and everything he seems to like, pay attention to what he says and ask questions. This will go far in making him feel like the most special man in the room and he will feel like he is impressing you/winning your over not vice versa.

3)      Flirtation

This had to make it in this list somewhere. What better way to turn on your man other than to flirt with him? This however, will need cautiousness since you would not want to flirt aggressively and scare him away. Keep it coy, playful, and feminine. Blush, and giggle at his jokes to make him feel like the most powerful man in the world.

4)      Be Open To Him

This can be related to confidence, but they are two different points. Men have a special liking for women who go up front and tell them what they need. This one simple move might get you the man on your first date out.

5)      The Story Of A Simple Touch

Start his imagination with a simple touch: brush against his knee, touch his shoulder, or caress his hand and he will be wondering what your finger tips might feel like elsewhere.

6)      Flaunt What You Have

Put on your favorite dress, that one that shows your curves. Show him the best of what you have, this, with the above factors can never fail to win a second date and might be the beginning of a love story for history.

You will notice that the artfulness of seducing a man successfully is in letting him believe that he is in fact the one seducing you. A powerful and wealthy man is a hunter. They chase success in everything that they do. You need to let him think that you are his valuable prize in the game of love and show him you’re a worthy adversary by following these steps.

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