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Dating / July 26, 2012

5 Ways To Look Hot To Your Wealthy Man

This is all about the ways that you can look hot naked to your rich boyfriend. Women are always trying to find new ways to impress their guy and when a woman is naked this isn’t any different. In fact she wants to make sure she looks her absolute best when she is naked in front of that special guy in her life. It’s not all about wearing makeup and having your hair done right before you strip down into your birthday suit. Of course those things enhance your appearance, which is a good thing, but there are several other tips and tricks you can do as a woman to look your absolute best while you are trying to turn on your man.

5 Ways To Look Hot To Your Wealthy Man:

1. When you shower you should make sure to scrub and exfoliate your rough areas a bit more; such as ankles, elbows, knees and any other area where you have more dry skin at. Doing this will automatically make your skin look younger and healthier.

2. Spray a self tanner on yourself right before you are about to appear in your birthday suit. Spraying the tan all over and then in areas such as your waist and hips try spraying those areas a little bit more. Make sure that it is all even and gives you a shadow type appearance. This will make those areas appear slimmer.

3. Lighting is very important when you want to look sensual and sexy. Try lighting candles as the dim and flickering light will soften your body and give a very calm feel in the bedroom. Don’t have any candles? Try turning on the light to the bathroom or hallway, so that you can have some form of backlight going on.

4. Posture plays an important role on how sexy you look naked to your man. Try standing at an angle that way this position shows off all of your assets in a sexy, sensual way.

5. Wear high heels. Wearing Stilettos or high pumps always make a woman look sexy. These type of shoes elongates and makes your legs appear slender.

Be confident in your own skin and that is something that will make you look extra sexy to your rich boyfriend. He is going to love the new found confidence you have. Good luck ladies!

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