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Dating / September 17, 2012

5 Ways To Impress Your Wealthy Man’s Parents

Meeting the parents of your wealthy man can be a very challenging event and it can be quite stressful. You definitely do not want to make a fool out of yourself and you ultimately want the parents to adore you. The point of meeting the parents is for them to get to know the person who is making their son extremely happy. Don’t be surprised if they begin asking you all types of question as they just truly want to get to know you better. Below you will read about the 5 Ways To Impress Your Wealthy Man’s Parents:

1. Bring A Gift: If you are going over his parent’s house for dinner then you should bring wine, flowers, dessert, etc. Even if your rich boyfriend says that you don’t need to bring anything you definitely should bring a little gift as it is common etiquette.

2. Dress Appropriately: Know what the style of the family is and if have clothing articles that will match it then where those. Try wearing a knee high form fitting dress, nothing too tight or opt to wear skinny jeans and a blouse. Do not show up to his parent’s house wearing a low cut shirt or a mini dress. Be respectful to his parent’s home.

3. Give Compliments: You are in his parent’s territory aka their home, so make sure to give nice compliments on the decor, neighbor, architect, etc. Make sure that your compliments are genuine as you do not want to seem like a suck up.

4. Connect With Siblings: Make sure you have some time to talk to his siblings. Make them feel important as well. Ask his sister what is she into or his brother what is his favorite type of sport. It is always good to connect with his loved ones.

5. Say Wonderful Things About Your Wealthy Man: Parents love hearing about how they have done a wonderful job raising their son and how he became the amazing man he is today. Let them know that you are proud of the accomplishments that he has done in the past and recently.

It is always nerve racking meeting the parents and the rest of your wealthy man’s family, but at the end if you follow these 5 ways you will just be fine. Remember, it is important to be yourself and not someone else. Always be respectful to his parents and family and you will surely win their hearts. Ladies, make sure that you always look your best and remember to read about the Top 5 Makeup Mistakes Women Tend To Make as you do not want to make those same mistakes over and over again.

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