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Luxury / September 8, 2011

5 Ways To Help With Getting Dumped And Finding A Rich Man

Getting dumped is never easy to handle. Many who are dumped quite frequently develop low self-esteem because they begin to think something is wrong with them. Once you are dumped it rips at your core of wanting to be with someone and wanting to be loved. Sometimes you have to sit back and see what made these relationships fail. There are a several ways of doing this and developing understanding about yourself and the type of relationships you were involved in.

5 Ways To Help With Getting Dumped And Finding A Rich Man:

1. Write In A Journal: Sometimes we have a better understanding of what might had happen once we see it in writing. Jotting down your feelings and thoughts can make you realize what might be the real underlying issue. Think about What really happened? Was I really in love or was I in love with the idea of being in love? This method is really helpful in allowing you to move on emotionally.

2. Surround Yourself With Friends: After a breakup it is a good idea to hang out with friends so that you wont be stuck inside the house ordering Chinese food or pizza while watching TV all night. Your friends can help you realize what you have to offer in any relationship that you are in. Plus, you will have the opportunity to be introduced to other people. This may not take the pain of rejection fully away, but you will be able to move on quicker. Go out to high class bars and restaurants to meet single successful men.

3. Learn To Love Yourself: If you love yourself first then you will know how to love someone else. Once you love yourself and others see that; then they will know that you have something amazing to offer them as well. Loving yourself means that you respectful yourself. Rich men are attracted to women who show confidence.

4. Change Up Your Attitude: Instead of making yourself feel worst after a break up; try telling yourself every morning It wasnt me. I have good qualities to offer in a relationship. You can even say out loud what good qualities you have to offer.

5. Make Better Decisions: There is a huge change that the type of person you came choosing to date is simply the worst type you can choose. Make better decisions on who you allow to enter your life. You only deserve the best and that is what you accept in your love life. Think about it this way I keep dating this type of person and it is going nowhere. Maybe I should date someone more like

Learning how to pick and choose someone might seem hard, but look for someone who shares some very important common interests and values as you do. People that have many similarities are often attracted to each other. With this being said of course opposites attract each other as well. Try dating someone that isnt in your comfort zone lets say a handsome rich man. You might be surprised on how well you both connect. He will be able to show you a completely different view of the world in which he sees every day. Take a chance and date this type of man. You will not be disappointed.

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