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Dating / January 20, 2014

5 Things A Wealthy Man Looks For In A Wife


There are some qualities that a wealthy man looks for in his future wife that allows him to know that a certain woman is the one for him. Some of these qualities are plain sweet and while others might be a bit more shocking, these are the types of things that men look for in a woman that they will soon make their wife. You will be surprised at the little things wealthy men look for and appreciate in a woman. Ladies, remember be true to yourself and don’t try to be someone that you are not. Just because this is what a man is looking for doesn’t mean you have to change everything about yourself.

5 Things A Wealthy Man Looks For In A Wife:

1. A TV Partner: He wants a woman who will enjoy the same television shows he does. During the day or night he wants to be able to sit in front of the flat screen television set and watch sports, action flicks, etc and know that you are 100% okay with it. Plus, he loves the fact that you both can have a good time watching the same shows.

2. He Sees You As A Lover And Bestfriend: Men love it when their leading lady is is their sexy seductress as well as bestfriend. They have busy days already and want to de-stress with you not come home to more of it. A woman must know how to help her wealthy man relax.

3. Supportive: The woman he wants is not only his bestfriend, but his biggest supporter. She needs to be able to stand by his side no matter what. Help him achieve the goals he has set for himself and for her to allow him to do this in return for her.

4. Educated: He worked hard to be where he is at today and wants woman who has done the same in some part of her life. She needs to be motivated, educated and can hold a conversation. She might not make as much money as him, but when he knows she has never given up to be where she is at today that is what is going to matter the most.

5. Good Hygiene: This is so important as well. The woman he wants by his side has to always want to look her best and that includes wearing sweats and a tank top. He needs his wife to  take regular showers, take care of her hair, maintain her appearance through fitness, have clean clothes, wear nice make up, and a straight white teeth.

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