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Luxury / September 12, 2011

5 Simple Steps To Turn Your Crush Into A Date

It doesnít really matter what age you are most of us have had or is currently crushing on someone. Having a crush is exciting and most never act upon it. Crushes can be very confusing to anyone who isnít sure if this crush could actually lead into something or simply be a crush. You will never know until you pursue it. Many adults have a hard time approaching someone they are crushing on or are really into because they are afraid of rejection. If you are ready to take your dating future into your hands then all you need to do is follow these 5 Simple Steps To Turn Your Crush Into A Date:

Step #1: Be Excited

When someone dates the wrong type of people and have unless bad dates, the excitement of dating begins to wear off. There are some ups and downs of dating, but when you get excited about someone; allow yourself to truly get excited. That crush you are experiencing can really turn into a wonderful romance. Being excited doesnít mean that you are madly in love, but it means you are truly ďlikeĒ someone and are ready to spend time getting to know that person.

Step #2: Get To Know The Person

You might feel in complete bliss once you are around this person, but remember you need to get acquainted. A small goal is to see if your crush likes you, but getting to know this person gives you the chance to find out if you really like him/her too. Ask questions, check out his body language, observe how he/she treats you and others; simply pay attention.

Step #3: Get Together

Instead of first trying to go out on a first date because you might not feel confident enough just yet, try setting up some type of group outing. If you work together, set up an informal lunch date. If you have mutual friends, go out to the movies or play pool. Maybe your crush is one of your neighbors? You can easily host a block party or bbq party. The point is for you and your crush to enjoy time together in a stress-free environment.

Step #4: Go Out Alone

Now that you both have spent time with each other in a group setting it is time to spend alone time together. This is now when it would be considered a date. Since you both will be very familiar with each other at this point you donít have to go on some boring dinner and movies date. You can actually enjoy having a fun date either at the beach, amusement park, and mini golf; just do something that is not traditional for a first date. This point is to have fun with each other and really connect on another level.

Step #5: Show Sexual Desire

You have done everything that you are supposed to do till this point. Do not get stuck in the friendís only zone. You have to show that you are romantically aka sexually interested in this person as well. I am not saying that you have to be sexually aggressive or jump in the bed right away, but make sure that your body language is giving the right signal. On the first date, make sure to end it with a kiss or a more than friendly hug. Something to show you are more than interested in a friendship.

Remember, having a crush on someone doesnít always mean that they have one on you too. Hence the name crush, they sometimes hurt. If for some reason your crush doesnít like you in the same way you do; donít let the pain of rejection stop you from finding someone else in the future. Pay attention on how he interacts with you before pursuing to make this crush be more than what it really is.

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