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Dating / February 2, 2014

5 Signs That Your Wealthy Man Will Ask You To Marry Him


Every woman wants to get married eventually and of course they dream about that special day. You can be in a relationship with a rich man for a couple of months to years and never know when he will pop the question to you. There are definitely signs a man gives off when he is ready to make his girlfriend his wife. If you notice these signs, don’t pressure him to be giving you that ring sooner than he is planning too. Don’t ruin the moment for him as it is a huge step for him as well. Here are the 5 Signs That Your Wealthy Man Will Ask You To Marry Him:

1. He lets you know that you are “the one” and that you are the only one for him. He is making it clear to you that he sees a future with you. This is an amazing thing for a woman to know.

2. He wants you to move in with him and share his entire home with you. He knows that you will value his home and he wants you to be comfortable in it. He isn’t hiding anything from you and this shows by him giving you the keys to his home and allowing you to move your things in.

3. He wants to open a joint bank account with you. This shows you that he truly sees a future with you and is willing to share his money with you too. He knows that this type of trust is only for the one.

4. He invites you to all of the family functions. You are never left out and you are always welcomed at his family homes. All of the holiday dinners and events he brings you and includes in conversations with his family. He is letting you know that his family is now your family.

5. He talks and shares with you. If he confides in you about his problems regarding work and such it shows that he trusts you. He views you as an equal and feels that you make him want to do better in work when things go south as he wants to support you. Plus, your support and advice about his work problems lets him know that you are on his team.

Remember, when a man is ready to get married he will ask you. Do not put pressure on him to do it when you want it. It has to be done at the right moment. When the day comes as he asks for your hand in marriage just give a big, sweet kiss. If you are feeling a bit rusty, here are 5 Tips On How To Be A Great Kisser.

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