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Luxury / September 7, 2011

5 Signs A Wealthy Man Is A Keeper

Dating is nerve racking and ever so difficult at times. Women especially become very nervous on a first date with someone who is successful and wealthy. A woman always wants to make sure she looks her best and have a great night with someone of interest. Men are the same way. A man wants to make sure that he impresses his date, so he can go on future dates with this same person and maybe even develop a relationship. Most women have had those moments where she thinks “I cannot believe he just said/did that?” No worries, because there are some signs that shows he is worth a second date.

5 Signs A Wealthy Man Is A Keeper:

Sign #1: He Is Respectful

If he is respectful to you and the staff at the restaurants this means that he is probably a good guy. Of course, this is the type of man that you would want in your life and your family’s life. If the man is disrespectful to the staff or you he simply thinks nothing of anyone and only cares about himself. Leave the date immediately.

Sign #2: Cell Phone No Where Insight

This is a very good sign. This means that he is very much involved in the date and in you. You have his full attention. If he answers phone calls or text messages, this could very well mean that you are not important and will never come first in his life.

Sign #3: Eye Contact

When a man continues to make eye contact with a woman that means she is his center of attention during that date. He has eyes for only you. Plus, when a good looking man looks into your eyes it is very romantic. Take it all in!

Sign #4: Mentions His Family

During most first dates people don’t get too involved in talking about their families, but when a man mentions a little something about his mother in a positive way this is a very good sign. This simply means that he respects his mother and he will respect women in general. Do be careful if the man may be a mama’s boy. That is simply unattractive and can seriously destroy a relationship in the future.

Sign #5: He Pays For Dinner

It is always a good sigh when a man picks up the tab. This shows that he is a gentleman and will take care of you in the future.

These signs will help you know if the man is worth more of your time and if going on a second date will be a good choice or not for you. Make sure to make wise and smart decisions in who you decide is best suited for you.

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