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Dating / Wealthy Men / May 11, 2014

5 Reasons to Date Older Men

Ask any woman who has extensively dated older wealthy men, and then gone back to dating guys her own age, and the reasons to date older men will be painfully clear, and almost innumerable. Older men have a self-confidence that only comes with age — and that’s a quality they can’t even help possessing. Many of the reasons to date an older man happen naturally with time and experience. Those qualities will ultimately be as genuine as is the man.

No Drama

Men slow down with age. There’s a certain age when they might no longer be on the hunt for a different woman each night, but haven’t slowed down in the race completely. This is the perfect age to meet a guy. You won’t have to worry about him juggling you with four other women, so you’ll get the entire benefit of his libido.


He’s been there, hit that. It’s quite hard not to learn about what works and doesn’t work in sex when you’ve had a lot of it. And if he’s managed to come out unscathed by acquiring a crazy wife, four children or an STD, he’s perfect. You’ll benefit from all of the experience of all the women he’s been with, without any of the drama.


If he’s older, he’s likely to be a wealthy man who is more stable in his work and in his friendships than his younger counterparts. It’s doubtful you’ll wake up to four of his frat brothers sprawled out in a pile of beer cans in his living room every Sunday morning. He won’t need to borrow your car every day, you won’t have to lend him money, and he likely will never need bail. He’s a grownup, and sure, all that was amusing when you were a teenager, but once you’re with one, you’ll be surprised how attractive having a stable wealthy man becomes.

He’s Game-free

At some point men stop playing games. No phone checking. No flipping out over a Facebook friend’s comment. He won’t flirt with a girl right in front of you to make you jealous. He won’t drive you crazy by not calling for days. He won’t make promises in the heat of the moment and then take them back. He’s matured. And that’s a beautiful, beautiful thing.


Perhaps the most important benefit to dating an older man is that he knows how lucky he is to have you. He knows you could be out in any bar in town getting picked up by any young troll who hits on you. But you’re with him, and an older guy knows the value of that. Take full advantage of this loyalty by returning it. If you screw it up, you could lose that trust as easily as he gave it to you, and once you fully realize the value of it, you’ll be very sad you lost it.

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