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Dating / Recent Posts / Wealthy Men / February 18, 2014

5 Places To Go To Meet A Wealthy Man

Like money, rich guys don’t just grow on trees. But if you know where to look, you might just get lucky. Here is a list of places where you’re sure to find a rich guy. Whether or not they’re married, divorced or full of baggage is up to you.


The Golf Course, Yacht Club, or Country Club

Private clubs and exclusive access membership comes at a high price. Not to mention the cost of their manly toys. If a man is willing to spend money to be part of an exclusive club he has achieved a wealthy status and is wanting to show it off with other successful people. Remember, just because the guy is a golfer doesn’t always mean he’s rich. However, having the extra time that it takes to become a good hobbyist and being able to afford a membership for a quality course certainly means that you have some expendable income. Now your only challenge is getting in there.


Art Shows/Galleries

Unless he’s the actual artist, you can be sure about a few characteristics regarding any guy you meet at a gallery or art show – They’re all hipsters or art lovers. They all like art as much as they like to party. If they’re buying any art, they probably have money.


Whole Foods Market

If a single guy is at a specialty market like an organic supermarket, there is no doubt he has some money to burn. Singles guys with no money will go shopping at a 7-eleven, if they feel like being luxurious. Otherwise, they might just roam through their neighbors garbage.


A High-End Dealership

Maybe you can convince the sales person that you’re waiting for the sun to align with the moon in order to buy a new Maserati. Or, maybe you can become a sales person yourself. Whatever you do, if you can manage to hang out at a high-end dealership long enough, there’s no doubt that you’ll bump into a wealthy man.


High-End Malls

Every city has a mall that people don’t visit very often. They offer valet service and they have stores for brands like Coach, Prada and more. Guys who visit these sort of malls are sure to have some money. Otherwise, they’d probably buy their clothing at the grocery store.

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