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Luxury / August 22, 2011

5 Places Rich Men Look For Single Women

Those successful good looking rich men are also out in the world looking for attractive women to spoil and take care of. These wealthy men are busy with their business to make sure that they have the means to take care of their personal finances as well. Once they have a bit of free time they will be on the prowl looking for a special lady. Ladies make sure you are always looking your best because you never know when you will bump into one of these business men.

5 Places Rich Men Look For Single Women:

1. Luxury Spa Resort: Over worked rich men love to take the day off at the spa. This is a way for them to relax and not stress over any work that might need to be done for the company he works for or owns. This is also a great spot for him to meet new and single women. There is no pressure from either party and both can enjoy a day of being pampered.

2. Charity Events: Business men are attracted to women who have a giving nature. That is why charity events are a very important place to visit every so often. These types of events are a huge social scene for the rich and successful people who gather around to connect with other interesting folks.

3. Business Places: Business places such as banks, coffee shops, and convention centres. These are great places for the busy rich man to slow down during his lunch hours and check out the local sexy women.

4. Auction Houses: Wealthy men make investments and what better investment than purchasing a house for dirt cheap just to then flip it and sell it for lots of money. Well they love seeing women at these events due to it shows that the woman has ambition and won’t rob him under his nose.

5. Sports Bars: This last place might sound very odd, but men enjoy being with a woman who doesn’t mind watching a few games as well. You will see many rich men checking out the single women in these high end sports bars. Now they can proudly take their woman to a baseball game and know that she will be having as much fun as he is.

There are many other places that successful business men can look and find single women, but these 5 are definitely in the top.

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