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Fashion / Luxury / Recent Posts / Wealthy Men / March 6, 2014

5 Perfect Gifts For Men

Men might act like they hate romance. They might even say that it’s just fabricated by novels and fairy tales. However, all of those critiques go straight out the window when a man receives a gift. That’s why we’ve come up with a short list of great gift ideas for that special man in your life. Who knows, maybe if they start getting gifts that are as good as they give, they might stop looking at it as a chore and start embracing it .

Adventure Getaway

Chances are your man is low in the romance department and focused more on stresses of work. Plan an adventurous getaway for the two of you where you can enjoy the moment and leave the rest of the world behind. Whether you’re budgeting for a couple of weeks in a rain forest, a weekend cruise, or a day of horseback riding- a relaxing getaway together is just what he needs to reconnect with you. Even if his idea of horseback riding is racing Ferrari’s full throttle at a speed track.


Even guys who don’t usually wear jewelry can appreciate a nice watch. It doesn’t even need to be a Patek Philippe, although that brand of watch goes above and beyond what regular folks would consider, “nice”. A Movado, Bulova or even a classy Citizen watch can make for a great gift.


A nice suit is one of those things that a man will always appreciate. It also happens to be one of those things that they rarely buy for themselves (unless they have a wedding or funeral to attend). Just remember to get the right measurements before hand. But, even if you make a mistake on the size, most places will alter the suit for free. There’s nothing like a man in a Tom Ford or Armani suit; think of it as a win for both of you.


Most guys don’t care about shoes as much as women do, which is why it’s a great gift idea. In this case, you really want to go high-end… Prada and Gucci are always a good choice, but if you’re looking for something with a lower price tag, even Kenneth Cole would work.


The great thing about art is that it comes in all shapes, sizes and price ranges. Check out the websites for urban artists like or gallery websites like There you can find all types of artwork including limited prints, sticker art and more.


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