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Luxury / August 19, 2011

5 Easy Ways to Meet Rich Men

This is a guide with 5 easy ways to meet rich men. You don’t have to be rich to start with, or a world class model. You just have to be diligent, and in no time, you’ll be coasting with the rich man of your dreams in his yacht.

1st Way to Meet Rich Men: You must be in the locale of rich men. This means scoping out shopping malls, golf clubs, and upscale bars to find the hot spots where rich men are abundant.

2nd Way to Meet Rich Men: The second key is to commit to the same hot spots over and over. You’re not going to find your rich man on the first try, but if you stick with it, he’ll come around.

3rd Way to Meet Rich Men: Another great way to get your foot in the door is to get a little part-time job at a rich man hang out. Believe it or not, many women have met their future rich husbands like this. For some reason, men can’t resist women in an outfit.

4th Way to Meet Rich Men: Simple enough, get your real estate license and start showing fancy homes. This will put you into direct contact with many rich and influential men. But the kind you go after are the ones in the small and expensive apartments.

5th Way to Meet Rich Men: Volunteer at a charity event. Rich men love to show off their money by donating to big non-profit organizations. It is something they do often and a great chance for you to get in with them.

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