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Luxury / October 17, 2011

5 Dating Tips/Rules Every Woman Should Know & Live By

If you are looking to find love and not just a fling it’s important that you learn the most important dating rules. There are so many rules when it comes to dating, some may make sense while others may seem extremely outdated. Below you will find 5 basic and to the point rules that everyone should follow. By following these simple rules you could really save yourself from so much pain and frustration. Why experience unnecesary heart break if it can all be avoided?

When getting involved with a wealthy man these steps are just as important, if not more. Remember you aren’t looking to have a one night stand, you want to develop a lasting relationship. By following these rules you will show that you are a respectable, classy woman.

  1. TMI or Less is More ~ The first few dates should be about getting to know each others personalities or each others past. This is not the time to talk about ex-boyfriends, husbands or heart breaks. This is also not the time to unload your life story, dirty laundry or bagage. Remember you don’t want to run them off.
  2. Don’t Be Too Available ~ Don’t play silly games like not calling him for days or answering his call, but don’t make yourself too available to anyone for that matter. Don’t cancel your plans to do things for or with him and don’t push off your friends to spend every moment with him. By doing these things you basically telling him that what he wants to do is more important.
  3. Don’t Settle ~ Just because you are afraid of being alone or tired of being alone doesn’t mean you should settle for the first person that comes your way. Dating is about find love and someone who you truly connect with mentally, emotionally and physically. It has to be a combined package in order to feel true happiness.
  4. Wait To Have Sex ~ Gail Prince who is a nationally known relationship coach and dating expert said it best, “If you have sex on the first date or even within the first couple of dates, the guy you are dating will only associate you with sex.” He went on to add, “Sure, it could eventually turn into a serious relationship, but when you rush into sex, you ruin your chances of developing a strong relationship and friendship based on other things that you want him to be attracted to also, like your mind, your personality and your sense of humor.”
  5. Pay Attention To Your Inner Intuition or Gut Instincts ~ We could all save ourselves from so much pain and heartache if we would only listen to our gut. If something doesn’t feel right back out! Don’t wait till you’re even deeper involved get out right away. The quicker you get out the less difficult it is. When something doesn’t seem right it’s usually because it isn’t!

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