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Dating / Recent Posts / Wealthy Men / February 12, 2014

15 Ways to Recognize A Young Wealthy Man

We think it’s easy to separate a wealthy from a poor man only by physical appearance. Rich people are well dressed, own villas, luxury cars, jewelry, are famous and appear on TV. But there are billionaires who have nothing to do with this preconception.

Usually, wealthy men who are under 30 work a lot because they’re responsible. They are not big spenders as people think, which is how they are gathering a fortune. Rich men learn to be temperate because they are skilled at investment. They do tend to spend a lot of money at first, but they soon realize that they work hard for it, so they learn that moderation is key. For them, a purchased good should bring more value to their status.

Behavior is what helps a man become a billionaire. In order to attain financial liberty, common people have plenty of things to learn from them. Here’s the profile of a young single wealthy man:

  1. He’s an entrepreneur or he’s a great specialist in a certain field.
  2. He owns normal businesses (in industry, IT, agriculture, economy), working or not with the state.
  3. He achieves fortunes through his own forces, not by inheritance.
  4. He drives good cars, not necessarily luxury cars.
  5. He puts money away; it he would stop working, it would be enough for another lifetime.
  6. He lives in best neighborhoods.
  7. His clothes and accessories represent big brands.
  8. He does not necessarily have post grad studies.
  9. His priority is investing and managing his financial future.
  10. He has at least two sources of income.
  11. He learns to be diplomatic and does not say what he thinks.
  12. He has very influent connections and friends.
  13. He does networking (communicates with specialists from other fields)
  14. He wakes up early, does not watch TV or lose any precious time.
  15. He is informed, intuitive, persuasive, passionate and fearless.


Wealth ensures a man’s liberty. Therefore, young rich men have ideas. Their creativity is followed by a certain aggressiveness which guarantees progress. The net difference between them and poorer people is that they do not believe in luck. They had actually persevered in becoming rich and didn’t wait for it to happen. Another difference between a rich and a poor man is the way they spend free time. The first one affords activities such as sailing, golf, travelling. Wealthy and successful men have made it because they have removed all obstacles that most people are discouraged by: fear of losing, skepticism, people’s opinions, laziness, bad habits (e.g. ignorance and arrogance).

They take steps towards financial independence: correct daily choices, careful choice of friends, motifs that are stronger than reality, teaching others and learning from others, constantly perfecting yourself, setting goals and checking them, flexibility, being opened to everything and everybody, being likeable.

Once they discover the formula, it’s easier and easier for rich men to become even richer. With money comes power, which implies knowledge related to how to multiply money. For someone outside this system, everything seems difficult.

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