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Dating / September 4, 2012

10 Ways To Impress Your Wealthy Boyfriend

Just like women men enjoy being surprised and impressed. There are thousands of ways that you can impress your wealthy man with certain gestures that you can do for him. Sure, he has lots of money, but he doesn’t have true love and that is something that only you can give him. He values you more than you think, so doing something for him will only make him feel that more special. In your relationship, you already know what makes your man happy and what doesn’t. Take the time to do something spectacular for him.

10 Ways To Impress Your Wealthy Boyfriend:

1. Invite him to dinner, but do it in a suggestive way. This way when the check comes he is going to be expecting to be the one to pay for your dinner date. Surprise him by grabbing the check and paying for the dinner yourself. He will totally be surprised and quite flattered that you picked up the check this time.

2. If you are aware that he is having a hectic and stressful week at work. You should surprise him by taking his favorite food and treats. He will love the fact that you showed up at his job and that you were taking out the time to surprise him with goodies. He will be glad to see the face of someone that makes him happy.

3. When your rich boyfriend has to leave out of town for a business trip for the week or weekend make sure that you put a nice, heartfelt card or picture of you two into his luggage. That way he knows that you will be thinking of him and he will be thinking about you.

4. If your man enjoys a certain music artist, theater play or sporting event; try to surprise him by purchasing tickets and taking him to the event. Make sure you catch him completely off guard and give him no clues to where you will be taking him.

5. Surprise him with signing up to try out new things such as an indoor skydiving class or a swing dance class. Trying out new things as a couple with make your bond stronger and you two will have some much fun doing it together.

6. Leave little notes in places you know he will check such as his clothing drawers or his man cave. The note doesn’t have to be long and in fact it should be short and sweet. Say something along the lines of “Hey love, hope you had an amazing day at work. I can’t wait to see you later.”

7. Take part in the activities that he enjoys doing. He will enjoy spending more time with you and you being supportive of the things he loves to do. Go with him to the gym, to the sports store or even hang out with him and his friends. Put your game face on and enjoy your time with your man.

8. Don’t be afraid of showing PDA wherever you go. It is a nice reminder of why you two are together in the first place. Of course don’t go all out and have an intense makeout session, but a few little kisses here and there will definitely not hurt.

9. Come up with a mini trip itinerary. It can be a weekend road trip or a day filled with activities from a nearby town.

10. Always make sure to give your wealthy man a compliment. It can be completely random and by you doing this you will make him so happy. He will know that you truly value and appreciate him

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